IL traffic lawyerThe distinction between a traffic violation and a misdemeanor offense can be confusing for people who do not work in the criminal law field. If you were pulled over by the police and given notice that you broke a law, you may wonder how serious the situation is. Traffic violations are generally somewhat minor, although they can ultimately result in a suspended license or other issues if you have enough of them. A misdemeanor traffic-related crime is a fair bit more serious. While you cannot go to jail for a simple violation, you could face some jail time for a misdemeanor offense. There are even some driving-related offenses that are considered felonies in Illinois, such as an aggravated DUI charge. Misdemeanors can carry up to a year in jail, whereas a felony can carry multiple years in prison. If you are facing any type of traffic charge, it is best to consult a qualified Arlington Heights, IL, traffic crimes attorney