IL divorce lawyerParents going through a divorce generally find it to be quite a tumultuous process. After a breakup, most exes prefer to spend time apart as they lick their emotional wounds and figure out how to move on. When parents go through a breakup, they are not given that privilege. They need to form a mutually acceptable parenting plan and navigate their transition from being married parents to being two parents raising their children separately. They need to reach a settlement that includes stipulations about child custody, child support, and parental responsibilities. While it might be natural for the parents in this complicated situation to let their emotions take over and do whatever they can to get revenge on their ex, some couples find they can work together if it will benefit their children. Below is a list of tips for newly divorced parents who want to work together for a smoother future of co-parenting. If you would like to know more, a knowledgeable Kane County, IL divorce lawyer can offer useful guidance.