IL divorce lawyerPeople about to go through a divorce are commonly concerned about the costs involved. When you are busy wondering how you will be able to transition from a situation of shared income and expenses to one of financial independence and being responsible for covering the costs of living and raising children on your own, the idea that you will now need to pay a lawyer for however long the process will take can seem unimaginable. As you start researching the divorce process online, you will likely find websites claiming to offer easy and inexpensive ways to have a “do it yourself” divorce without needing a lawyer.

Understandably, people sometimes opt out of hiring a lawyer, especially since you are not required by law to have one represent you in your divorce. However, if your specific situation involves conflict, an owned business, a complex financial portfolio, or children, having an experienced attorney represent you and your interests can be pivotal. If you are considering divorce, a compassionate Wheaton, IL divorce attorney can offer you invaluable guidance.