IL divorce lawyerWhile we have all seen the familiar scenes on screen of a bitter divorce being settled in a tense courtroom with a judge banging their gavel and calling everyone to order, reality can often be quite different. Some couples dissolve their marriage amicably. Even though they no longer feel it makes sense for them to stay married, they might still have positive feelings towards each other. Even if they no longer feel the love, if the two spouses are good parents, they might manage to put aside their personal feelings for the sake of their child, even wanting their future ex to be granted a fair division of property and time with the child, to benefit the child. In cases where the couple is interested in avoiding animosity, an uncontested divorce can sometimes help prevent the divorce proceedings from turning into unnecessary fighting. If you and your spouse want to divorce but prefer to avoid getting dragged into fights and zero-sum games, you should speak with an experienced Wheaton, IL divorce lawyer to see whether an uncontested divorce might be something to aim for in your case.