IL defense lawyerUnfortunately, there are cases where a term of incarceration is unavoidable. If you are facing a serious felony charge – especially a violent felony, a sex offense, or a high-level narcotics charge – you may not have any alternative to prison time. In those cases, your attorney’s role is to minimize the amount of time you would serve by presenting mitigating factors. However, in misdemeanor or even some felony cases, there are some alternatives to jail time courts may use at their discretion. If you are facing a more minor charge, like drug possession or simple assault, you may be able to avoid going to jail by agreeing to participate in a treatment program or accepting probation. In some cases, felony offenders can qualify for an impact program post-sentencing to minimize time served. An Arlington Heights, IL, criminal defense attorney can work to preserve your freedom by identifying an alternative to incarceration that would still meet the goals of the criminal justice system