IL family lawyerTrying to resolve your divorce out of court is rarely recommended if your spouse has abused you in any way. However, it is technically possible if you are both determined to make it work and your safety can be protected. Instead of using face-to-face mediation, attorney-led negotiation is usually the preferred strategy. Remember that if at any point, trying for an uncontested divorce begins to negatively affect your mental health, your children, or your physical safety, you have the right to immediately stop the process and elect to go to court. The type of abuse you experienced is also relevant in deciding whether to consider uncontested divorce as an option. A qualified Naperville, IL, divorce attorney can help you make this important decision. 

Preventing Further Abuse During Divorce

Nothing is more important than your safety and emotional well-being during your divorce process. Only in cases where the abused spouse can be well-guarded against any further attempt at abuse or manipulation should uncontested divorce even be considered as an option.