IL family lawyerOne of the most contentious topics when parents get a divorce relates to their children: Who will they live with? Where will they live? If parents have joint custody and one of them keeps the family home, what happens if the other parent cannot find a home in the same school zone? Birdnesting can be a good option for parents trying to think outside the box to help their children keep feeling stable and settled despite the divorce. While this article will provide basic information about the concept, you can speak with a Wheaton, IL divorce lawyer to find out more and see whether this kind of arrangement might suit you and your ex-spouse.

What Is Birdnesting?

Most divorced parents live in two separate homes, and their children alternate between them depending on their prearranged custody schedule. While many people find that living completely separate from their ex is the best way to move on, some choose a different living arrangement. Birdnesting is when the family home is retained, and the children live there permanently. The parents alternate staying in the home with them based on the custody and visitation agreement. On days when the other parent is with the children, they stay somewhere else.