Elmhurst product liability lawyerYou have legal rights if you purchase a defective washing machine that damages your home or causes injury. Under Illinois product liability law, both manufacturing defect claims and failure to warn claims can provide grounds for holding appliance makers financially accountable through litigation. An Illinois attorney can assist you in gathering the evidence you have and building a strong case.

Proving a Manufacturing Defect

A manufacturing defect indicates that a washing machine error arose during production rather than from the intended design. For example, incorrectly installed wiring could cause a fire risk. A faulty assembly could cause the machine drums to become loose and damage internal components.

To prove this type of defect existed, you would need to show physical evidence and have documentation detailing issues from a technician. It also requires demonstrating that the defect caused damages, like fire, flooding, or property destruction. Photos, repair invoices, medical bills, and other documentation help substantiate losses. You could also search online and see if anyone else is having similar issues with the same washing machine model as yours. If so, print out that information as more proof.