In a proactive move to enhance insurance offerings for solo lawyers and small law firms in Illinois, ISBA Mutual Insurance Company and Sidebar Insurance Solutions have formed a strategic partnership. The collaboration provides a complete comprehensive suite of property and casualty insurance products tailored to meet the needs of Illinois law firms.

ISBA Mutual Insurance Company holds the distinguished position of being the top insurer of Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance for law firms in Illinois. With a robust history spanning over 35 years, ISBA Mutual has consistently delivered quality insurance coverage and additional services to over 4,000 small firms in the state. The CEO, Jeff Strand, highlights the significance of the partnership, stating this is a “much-needed resource” to empower policyholders with efficient access to a range of insurance products essential for protecting their firms.

Sidebar Insurance Solutions, Inc., based in Orland Park, brings innovation to the partnership. Specializing in structuring insurance programs for law firms, Sidebar Insurance’s founder and principal, Adam Czerwinski, emphasizes the shared vision to support solo lawyers and small firms, an often-underserved segment of the market. The collaboration integrates ISBA Mutual’s industry expertise, resources, and client-centric approach with Sidebar Insurance’s innovative products designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by solo and small law firms.

Both ISBA Mutual and Sidebar share a culture of personal, local service. The partnership creates a complete insurance solution for policyholders, from Professional Liability to Cyber Liability, Business Owners, and Workers’ Compensation, the collaboration allows Illinois lawyers to efficiently access a diverse range of comprehensive and cost-effective insurance coverages critical for safeguarding their firms and clients.

In conclusion, the partnership between ISBA Mutual and Sidebar Insurance Solutions is a testament to their dedication to the Illinois legal community. By combining expertise, resources, and innovation, they are providing insurance coverages necessary to protect Illinois solo lawyers and small law firms.

Further information and media inquiries can be directed to Scott Dutton with ISBA Mutual at (312) 379-2000 or, and Adam Czerwinski with Sidebar Insurance at (708) 942-5150 or