IL injury lawyerProlonged labor, also known as prolonged or arrested labor, can pose significant risks to both the mother and the baby during childbirth. This condition occurs when labor lasts longer than usual, leading to various complications that can result in serious birth injuries. It is crucial for expectant mothers and healthcare providers to be aware of these risks and take necessary precautions to ensure safe delivery. If you or your baby was injured due to prolonged delivery, experienced attorneys can ensure you receive the legal guidance you need to pursue a positive conclusion to your case.

Here are the Major Risks of Prolonged Labor 

One of the most serious risks associated with prolonged labor is fetal asphyxia, a condition in which the baby is deprived of oxygen during the birthing process. This can occur due to compression of the umbilical cord or other factors that impede the flow of oxygen to the baby. Fetal asphyxia can lead to serious complications such as brain damage, developmental delays, and even death if not immediately addressed.