IL divorce lawyerWhen a couple gets a divorce, they need to work out all the many ways that their separation will affect their lives. Typical married couples might have things like a shared bank account, home, car, retirement funds, and other assets that they will need to be divided among the spouses. If a couple has considerable wealth, theirs might be what is considered a high-asset divorce. The larger scope of assets being divided can make the entire process more complicated

While there is no clear definition for the term high-asset divorce, it is commonly agreed that a couple whose assets are valued at a million dollars or more would fit the bill. Sometimes, this happens when one spouse comes from a wealthy background and has a demanding and lucrative career, and the other spouse does not work but instead maintains their household. Other times, both spouses work and earn money and contribute financial assets to the marriage. Either way, thoughts about how divorce can affect your standard of life can be quite stressful.