Blog ImageThere are many reasons why divorce can be a complicated process. Some couples have an especially acrimonious split and the path toward drafting their divorce settlement is full of spite and anger. Every decision brings a fresh round of arguments. Some couples decide to get divorced because they were not compatible as a couple but they might still care for and appreciate each other. Even so, the emotions and disappointment they might feel can make the process unpleasant. 

The specific matters that need to be settled in a divorce can also make it difficult. Spouses need to agree on several issues like who will stay in the family home, what will happen with their life insurance policies and retirement funds, and what sort of spousal support arrangement they will have. One of the more complicated issues that need to be settled in a divorce is what will happen with debt. There is no one way to settle this that can apply to all couples because everyone’s circumstances are different. If you are headed toward divorce but are worried you will end up being responsible for your ex’s debt, a knowledgeable Cook County, IL debt distribution attorney can help shed light on this topic.