Il family lawyerIf you are getting divorced and have children, you will need to create a detailed parenting plan outlining custody, visitation, and child-related arrangements. There are some key things to consider when making your parenting plan to set your kids up for success. An Illinois divorce attorney can help you take the proper steps.

Focus on the Children’s Best Interests

Your parenting plan should reflect what is genuinely best for your children’s well-being. Think about their need for love, safety, stability, consistency, and positive influences. Be honest about what custody and visitation setup serves their interests most. Get input from professionals to gain insight into their developmental, physical, and emotional needs at their ages.

Be Clear and Specific

Uncertainty can lead to conflict down the road. Be as detailed, clear, and specific as possible on all custody and visitation terms. Address exact schedules, locations, transportation duties, holidays, and vacations. Think through special occasions like birthdays, performances, and medical issues. You should also tackle decision-making on major issues like health, religion, or education. Specify means of communication and parameters around introducing significant others.