Patients who are ill, injured, or need rehabilitation receive physical therapy from a professional therapist. A skilled physical therapist (PT) can increase endurance, coordination, flexibility, mobility, and pain tolerance. The primary goal of physical therapy is to maintain, promote, or reestablish optimal physical function. To meet the needs of each patient, doctors and physical therapists develop individualized treatment plans.

A PT must thoroughly assess each patient’s indications and symptoms. A PT must have complete knowledge of different therapies to help the patient overcome the problem. Physical therapy’s main objective is to help people get healthier physically. Unfortunately, there are cases where PTs make mistakes or engage in malpractice that bring loss to the patient.

When a physical therapist’s carelessness is suspected, the plaintiff must demonstrate several factors relevant to the allegations they make for the case to have legal merit, including medical malpractice. Medical negligence occurs if the physical therapist does not give rehabilitation or treatment at the established level of care that another therapist in identical circumstances would have delivered. During such cases, it is best to hire a professional physical therapist malpractice lawyer in Illinois by Phillips Law Office, who can handle the case best and help you get compensation for the loss.

Who is a Physical Therapist and the Role?

A physical therapist (PT) is a medical professional who diagnoses and manages conditions affecting the human body. They might assist you in treating ailments or wounds in various body areas. Physical therapists assist patients of various ages and stages of life. Patients usually visit the physical therapist for guidance on improving their health and avoiding future issues. Success requires effective problem-solving and communication abilities.

Doctors frequently recommend patients to visit physical therapists for any bone related issues. To further understand your problem, they typically begin by completing a physical examination. From there, they could employ a variety of therapeutic strategies.

Overview of Physical Therapy Malpractice

When a physical therapist’s carelessness is suspected, the plaintiff must demonstrate several factors relevant to the allegations they are making to create legal merit as one involving medical malpractice. Medical negligence occurs if the physical therapist does not give the right treatment at the established level of care that another therapist in identical circumstances would have delivered.

You must establish the existence of four elements before your medical malpractice claim will be recognized. For the physical therapist to care for you, he must first owe you an obligation of the accepted level of care. Next, there must have been a violation of that standard of care, usually in the form of negligence. The episode that followed the breach must have hurt you in some way.

The recognized level of care differs for each profession, which is the main distinction between the two. You can get more information from a qualified lawyer with experience in physical therapy injury litigation.

Physical Therapy Malpractice

Different Ways Physical Therapist Causing Harm

Physical therapy is done to overcome internal and external pain. But there are high chances that you can get hurt while receiving physical therapy in various ways. Everybody’s components can be treated with physical therapy, including the shoulders, legs, wrists, ankles, and fingers.

You could be dropped while receiving assistance with walking, not caught if you fell, stretched past your limit without being informed of the risks of physical therapy, left on unattended or unstable equipment, misdiagnosed, or subjected to further harm from supplemental exercises.

Malpractice during physical therapy can cause severe injuries, including-

  • Strained muscles from excessive stretching
  • Misalignment
  • Back injuries
  • Head wounds and concussions

Any kind of physical treatment facility or rehabilitation centre can cause these ailments. Hospitals, independent centres, therapy centres, and athletic facilities can cause issues. Contact a qualified lawyer immediately if you want further information about what can give rise to a physical therapy malpractice claim.

A court may hold them accountable if a physical therapist commits an error, omits anything, or behaves negligently and causes harm. Holding physical therapists accountable for their acts through civil lawsuits and professional discipline are two techniques that can assist lower medical mistakes.

What Recoveries can you get with Physical Therapy Malpractice Claims?

You should look for a medical malpractice lawyer in Chicago who can assist you in recovering damages if you were the victim of a medical error in a physical therapist’s office. Physical therapists must be held accountable for any physical or mental injuries they cause you, no matter how mild or serious, because the added medical expenses are expensive. You need a physical therapy attorney in Illinois to get compensation and reduce medical expenses. You should seek an experienced lawyer to assist you in obtaining a reasonable settlement when pursuing a medical malpractice claim.

Some operations might cost you thousands of dollars, and your insurance company might not cover everyone. You must get full compensation for previous medical expenses, future medical expenses, drug prices, etc.

What can the Physical Therapy Malpractice Attorney in Illinois do for you?

Suppose you or any of your family member is facing health issues due to physical therapy malpractice. In that case, hiring Phillips Law Office for a skilled injury lawyer who will handle your medical malpractice case is best. We are happy to represent you from the beginning of your case to the conclusion, thanks to our staff of some of the most talented and knowledgeable attorneys in Chicago. Understanding your legal options if you have sustained an injury while receiving physical therapy is important.

Patients who have been hurt look to their doctors for responsibility. If you or a loved one gets injured and you believe that a doctor’s or hospital’s error was one of the contributing factors, we will help you file the case against the therapist. Our skilled physical therapist malpractice attorneys have successfully handled thousands of damage claims and have obtained substantial compensation for people injured due to medical misconduct in the Illinois region. We have board-certified physicians and medically educated attorneys ready to evaluate your claim and help you or a loved one get justice.

Helping our clients restore their normal lives is our primary goal. We rely on both our network of professionals and our knowledge and experience to achieve that. Because we appreciate the value of normalcy, we fight for our clients to ensure they have every chance to rebuild their lives.

You must avoid attempting to prosecute a medical malpractice case without strong legal counsel. This is because you will communicate with medical professionals and their insurance firms. Each entity will have a separate attorney specializing in dealing with such disputes.

They aim to settle your lawsuit swiftly and for the least amount possible. Moreover, the out-of-court settlement can only bring loss to you.

Physical therapist malpractice is one of many medical malpractice lawsuits that Phillips Law Office has experience aiding clients with. Over the years, we have undertaken many such cases ensuring clients get what they deserve.

You are entitled to compensation if a physical therapist’s carelessness or another form of medical malpractice caused serious injuries to you or a loved one. Call us right away at (312) 598-0917 and get free consultation on your case.

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