st Charles divorce lawyerThe divorce process is typically characterized by some degree of conflict. In some couples, the spouses do not want to be in the same room as each other and seem to be guided mostly by a desire to spite each other. In other couples, the spouses appreciate each other and are sincerely attempting to pave the way toward a functional future for their family, but the fact that they no longer wish to stay married can be painful and disappointing nonetheless. Some conflict will remain between the spouses regardless of either of their actions, based on their emotional state. Other conflicts might be the result of their conduct during the divorce proceedings. If you would prefer to avoid as much conflict as possible, a knowledgeable St. Charles, IL, divorce lawyer can advise you on helpful ways to minimize conflict during your divorce.

Sincere Willingness to Negotiate

There is a difference between showing up to the negotiating table begrudgingly and being there with a true desire to reach a settlement you can both find acceptable. It is ok to disagree on various aspects and want different things. If you can both express what you want and what you mean without attempting to manipulate or “win” your divorce, chances are much higher for you to reach a settlement with greater ease. If you can both commit to avoiding drama and hope and trust that your spouse is doing the same, this can certainly help you minimize some conflict.