Navigating the VA (Veterans Affairs) claims process can be challenging, especially when dealing with medical examinations. While VA examiners are trained to adhere to strict rules and regulations, mistakes can happen. Here are the top five mistakes VA examiners make, as identified in a detailed analysis of the process, and what you can do if you encounter them.

Mistake #1: Ignoring Lay Affidavits

– Explanation: Lay affidavits, such as statements from friends, family, or colleagues about your condition, are crucial. However, sometimes examiners overlook these affidavits.
Impact: This oversight can lead to denial of service connection or an incorrect rating.
What to Do: Ensure that any lay statements submitted are considered. If ignored, you’re entitled to a new exam.

Mistake #2: Lack of Rationale in Conclusions

Explanation: Examiners must provide a rational explanation for their conclusions, not just a blanket statement.
Impact: Without a rationale, the exam is inadequate.
What to Do: If there’s no clear rationale, you’re entitled to a new opinion or exam.