Wheaton Property Division LawyerA common question that people going through a divorce ask is what they should do with the home they share. Real estate is a significant asset generally worth a lot of money. In addition to financial value, some people put a lot of time and effort into a renovation that turns it into the home they always dreamed of. Other people have a strong emotional attachment to their home, as it is a part of their memories of important stages in their lives. It is easy to see why the question of what to do with a family home in a divorce is no simple matter to answer. If you are going to get divorced and find yourself struggling with the same issue, an experienced Wheaton, IL, property division lawyer can offer you guidance and help you weigh your options.

Why Is This Such a Complicated Issue to Resolve?

Unlike other assets that can be divided based on their monetary value, several factors go into the decision of whether or not you want to keep your home after a divorce. When you think about the home, are your memories of it positive or negative? Did you invest in renovating it? Is it your dream home or just a place where you happen to live?