IL injury lawyerLabor induction is a common procedure used to stimulate contractions and start the birthing process. While it can be an effective way to manage certain pregnancy complications, the unnatural stimulation of contractions also carries risks of injury to both mother and baby. If you or your baby got injured from a wrongful labor induction, an Illinois birth injury attorney may be able to help.

Infection From Fetal or Amniotic Fluid Monitoring

One of the key tools used to monitor labor progress and fetal heart rate is an internal sensor that gets inserted alongside the cervix. The sensor and its wiring provide a pathway for bacteria to travel into the uterus or amniotic sac, causing infections like chorioamnionitis or sepsis. Warning signs that an infection is brewing may be missed or disregarded by staff.

Excessive Contraction Stimulation

Medications like Pitocin are often used to cause stronger, more frequent uterine contractions to drive labor. However, inducing contractions too aggressively can overload the uterus, reducing blood flow to the fetus. Intense contractions may also cause the uterus to rupture along scar tissue from a previous C-section or other uterine surgery. This can lead to dangerous bleeding, hysterectomy, or death of the mother and baby.