Blog ImageMany people believe that as soon as the divorce decree is issued, all issues relating to the divorce are over, never to be considered again. However, this is incorrect. Post-decree issues can and do occur, and when they do, careful navigation of such matters is important to ensure a fair resolution. If you have a post-decree problem you would like to address, it would be wise to contact an experienced family law lawyer in Illinois. Navigating these matters on your own is a recipe for disaster

Child Custody

One of the most prevalent issues involves seeking child custody modifications. As a child grows up, their needs and circumstances often change, requiring adjustments to the existing custody arrangement. If a parent wishes to modify a child custody determination, they must be able to demonstrate a substantial change in circumstances that affect the child’s well-being. You should discuss your wishes with an experienced custody attorney to build a compelling case as to why your child custody modification should be granted.