IL injury lawyerSuffering a uterine rupture during labor can be a traumatic, life-threatening event. While these emergencies do sometimes happen spontaneously, many are tragically avoidable with proper medical care. If your healthcare providers failed to meet the standard of care leading up to or during your delivery rupture, you may be able to take legal action with an Illinois birth injury lawyer

Proving Negligence

To successfully make a claim for uterine rupture, your attorney will need to prove the elements of negligence. This requires showing that your healthcare provider owed you a duty of care that they subsequently breached in some way, directly causing your injuries.

Your medical team is expected to adhere to the appropriate standard of care for monitoring labor, detecting potential uterine rupture risk factors, and responding urgently when a rupture occurs. Failing to meet this professional standard of competence in any aspect of your care before, during, or after delivery could satisfy the breach of duty criteria. Records will be thoroughly reviewed to pinpoint exactly where the negligent action(s) occurred.