Kane County, IL domestic violence defense lawyerFebruary 14 is meant as a day to show love, when you and a significant other can express it openly and often. It should not be a day for a domestic violence charge, subsequent arrest, and a night in jail. Even if no physical violence occurs, a heated argument can quickly lead to false accusations. To ensure you can keep a cool head and look to make it a positive night to remember, there are some things to keep in mind. Of course, if you are facing a domestic violence charge, a criminal defense attorney should be the first and only person you talk to.

Air Out Issues Before They Become A Problem

Do not allow lingering issues to build up over time so that they eventually boil over. Talk things over with your loved one about any annoyances, pet peeves, or anything you do not like or appreciate in the relationship. When things are out in the open between you it is a lot easier to fix them. Now you can go into Valentine’s Day with a better understanding of one another and hopefully avoid any additional problems from coming up. It will also help to avoid consuming alcohol when deciding to talk about things, as alcohol has a way of turning things from bad to worse.