IL injury lawyerThe synthetic hormone medication Pitocin is frequently used to enhance contractions to advance prolonged labor during childbirth. However, misusing this high-risk drug often causes harm to both mothers and newborns. Understanding some of the most common Pitocin-related delivery injuries provides insight into the impacts of medication negligence. If you identify with one or more of the common injuries, along with misuse of Pitocin, an Illinois birth injury lawyer can help determine if you have a potential case.

Maternal Infections and Bleeding

Administering Pitocin requires an IV line placed directly into a blood vessel which risks introducing bacteria leading to maternal infections. Additionally, stronger than normal contractions triggered by improper Pitocin dosing commonly cause damage to the birth canal and uterus resulting in internal tearing, hemorrhaging, and excessive postpartum bleeding needing transfusions or hysterectomies.