St. Charles Divorce LawyerFor families with the means to travel on vacation, such trips can be a welcome change of pace. While everyone can benefit from fresh scenery and a break from routine, families who are in the midst of a divorce often experience pressure and stress, and a vacation trip can be especially refreshing. However, if your divorce and therefore your parenting plan has not yet been finalized, it can be quite complicated to travel with any children you have who are minors. Speak with a Kane County, IL, family law attorney to understand what might be the best way for you to proceed.

Legal Implications of Travel During Divorce Proceedings

When two parents are married to each other, it is not problematic for one parent to take their children on a trip. There are many different reasons why married parents might travel separately. Maybe the mom recently gave birth and could use some quiet at home; in such a case, the father might take the older kids to their grandparents for a few days. If a cousin is getting married and there is an elaborate wedding weekend planned but one parent has professional obligations that they cannot get out of on that Friday, the other parent might take the kids earlier and the parent who has to work that day can join them later on