IL injury lawyerIt is normally dog bites that are the subject of conversation when it comes to personal injury lawsuits involving animal attacks. However, cats can be equally as terrifying and deal some serious damage should they attack an adult, let alone a minor child. So what can you do if a cat decides to sink its teeth or claws into one of your children? Well, that depends on the circumstances surrounding the attack.

When suffering any injuries due to the negligence of another person, it is a good idea to involve an attorney before attempting a lawsuit on your own. An attorney will be able to provide direction and advice regarding your lawsuit while gathering evidence of negligence on your behalf.

The “Dog Bite” Statute

In Illinois, there is no legal duty of care for pet owners to keep their cats indoors. This is in large part due to cats being naturally roaming creatures that will not often attack unless provoked. At one point in time, Illinois used the scienter rule, often referred to as the “one-bite” rule that allowed a pet to be exempt from liability if it was their first time attacking unprovoked.