IL divorce lawyerIf you surveyed every couple in the state of Illinois with a divorce in process during the holidays, a significant portion would likely say they are having some thoughts of reconciliation. People can become very sentimental during the holidays. If you have children together, the thought of not spending your major winter holiday together as a family may be painful. Your children themselves may be upset at not having both parents around on the holiday. It can be easy to reminisce with rose-colored glasses about holidays past and how you spent them with your spouse. These emotions can be strong enough to prompt some people to reach out and attempt to reconcile with their spouse. While this may seem like a good idea now, your feelings can easily change in the New Year. It is important to talk it over with your Naperville, IL, divorce attorney before taking any major steps

What Causes Spouses to Reconcile During the Holidays? 

It is normal for people who are in the middle of a divorce to have some feelings of sadness during the first holiday season. Your plans may be very different this year than they have been in years past. One of you will likely be spending holidays with friends or extended family while the other has parenting time. This can be deeply upsetting. You may feel an urge to “fix” the situation – by staying with your spouse