DuPage County family lawyerAdoption is a beautiful thing. You are choosing to take on a child who is not biologically your offspring and promising to love them as if they were. In Illinois, there are four different types of adoption. Which one you choose is entirely dependent on your situation, circumstance, and preference. A family law attorney can help prepare you for legal adoption so that you can navigate the complexities often associated with the process.

Related Adoption

Related adoptions are where the adoptive parents are already related in some way to the children being adopted. Stepparents looking to adopt the child of their significant other will want to select related adoption. Other related adoption candidates may include biological siblings and grandparents.

Adult Adoption

Most adoptions that people are familiar with often involve minor children. However, adult adoption is when a petitioner wishes to legally adopt a child who is older than 18 years of age. Instead of the need for the biological parent’s consent, as is required in related adoption, the adoptee will need to provide consent. If the petitioning parent is not related biologically, the adult child must have resided with the petitioning parents for at least two years before an adoption can occur.