St. Charles divorce lawyerEven though all people are different and unique, divorce is generally a difficult process to go through, regardless of your background and circumstances. Figuring out new arrangements like alimony, how you will divide parental responsibilities, who will keep the family home, and what will happen to any retirement funds either of you might have can be complicated and frustrating for anyone. When you and your spouse are a high-asset couple, there are aspects to the divorce settlement that can be even harder to settle. Suppose you and your spouse have considerable assets and are concerned about how they will be affected by a divorce. In that case, a knowledgeable lawyer with experience handling similar cases can guide you through this process and advocate for your rights and interests.

What Is Considered a High-Asset Divorce?

The term high-asset divorce does not have an official definition, but it refers to people with considerable money, property, and other assets. A divorce is generally considered high-asset when at least one spouse has a million dollars. In some high-asset divorces, both spouses have these considerable sources at their disposal. In others, one spouse has vast assets, and the other does not, which can complicate the divorce settlement