TX injury lawyerCerebral palsy (CP) is a group of disorders affecting movement and coordination that arises in early childhood. Besides impacting mobility, CP can also affect a child’s ability to swallow, eat, and communicate. Speech therapy plays a vital role in managing these challenges. If you have not had legal help with your child developing CP, a Texas injury lawyer can help with the process.

Assessing Speech and Language Skills

A speech-language pathologist thoroughly evaluates children with CP to identify any speech, language, or swallowing difficulties. Common issues include dysarthria (muscle weakness inhibiting speech), apraxia (difficulty coordinating oral movements), and language delays. Testing helps determine strengths, weaknesses, and goals for therapy. Ongoing assessment tracks progress over time.

Improving Communication Abilities

Speech therapists use various techniques to improve communication skills in children with CP. Oral motor exercises help strengthen muscles involved in speaking, chewing, and swallowing. Children may practice coordinating lips, tongue, and jaw to produce sounds more clearly. Therapists also work on relaying messages using communication devices when speech itself is extremely difficult.