DuPage County family lawyerIllinois allows parents to come up with their own parenting plan, which includes a parenting time schedule, to maximize parenting time with their children. However, a judge can intervene if they feel a different schedule would fit the children’s best interest more. There are many examples of parenting time schedules that parents or a judge can choose, but some are more common than others. For a more in-depth look into parenting plans and schedules, consulting an attorney could be beneficial.

Weekly Alternation

A very typical parenting schedule involves a one-week on, one-week off approach. Alternating weeks where one parent has the child in the first and third weeks or second and fourth weeks of the month can work out great if it fits into both parents and the child’s schedules.

50/50 Month Split

Similar to alternating weekly, except in this scenario, one parent gets back-to-back weeks with their children before dropping them off at the other parent’s house for their two weeks of parenting time.