Kane County, IL criminal defense lawyerIn Illinois, as long as there is intent to steal, burglary and attempted burglary are the same thing. So, even if an alleged burglar had no chance to steal anything, if they were in an unauthorized area with the intent to steal something, then they can face burglary charges. If you are facing charges of burglary, you must remember to contact a lawyer immediately. A criminal defense attorney will be able to defend your rights during interrogation and in a court of law.

How is Intent Proven?

As intent is the only thing required to prove burglary has taken place, it is often the biggest point of contention in court by the prosecutor. If nothing was stolen, and the defendant has admitted to nothing, then how can they prove intent?

Police will thoroughly investigate the crime scene in search of clues for any indication of intent to steal. They may also conduct interviews with many parties, which include: