DuPage County family lawyerMany agreements can erupt between two spouses when it comes time to end their marriage. Things such as spousal maintenance and property distribution are major decisions to be made before a marriage can end. Parents have additional worries regarding parental responsibility allocation and child support. The allocation of parental responsibilities will typically carry many complications and bring up many contentious issues, as parents may have different ideas on how to raise their children. A family law attorney can greatly assist when tackling these issues in divorce.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities? What Happened to Child Custody?

The term “custody” was removed from Illinois statutes concerning children and their well-being following a divorce. Instead, Illinois law now uses the term “allocation of parental responsibilities” as the overarching category. Inside the allocation of parental responsibilities are the terms significant decision-making and parenting time (formerly visitation). When moving a child from their current residence, removal has been changed to “relocation.”