DuPage County estate planning lawyerGetting your affairs in order so that your golden years are much more enjoyable takes careful planning and foresight. By properly planning your estate, you put yourself in a better position to mitigate risks and take control of your “endgame.” An estate planning lawyer will have invaluable advice and guidance on how best to stay on track to meet your expectations later in life. Of course, planning mistakes can happen, and it is better to be proactive in avoiding committing them as early as possible.

You Do Not Have a Plan

The biggest mistake you can make with estate planning is not having a plan. Even those with a plan may have one poorly conceived and may have only garnered minimal thought on your part. Without a will or trust in place, the distribution of your assets is left up to the state to decide. If you care about leaving behind an inheritance or want someone to make decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so, you must meet with an estate planner. Father, time will not wait, so why should you?