DuPage County family lawyerGrandparents are often an influential and loving presence in a developing child’s life. In some respects, grandparents can act as secondary caregivers to their grandchildren. However, when the parents are unable or incapable of providing proper care to their children, for whatever reason, it is not uncommon for a grandparent to step in and fill the role. A grandparent interested in becoming a grandchild’s guardian will wish to speak to an attorney regarding the legality of what must be done.

Reasons Grandparents May Want Guardianship of Their Grandchildren

When parents are deemed unfit to raise their children, it is because their presence in a child’s life is no longer considered in that child’s best interest. A grandparent may feel that a child is in immediate danger while residing with a parent or that the parent cannot adequately care for the child. The parents could fall into financial hardships, become incarcerated, find themselves addicted to drugs, suffer a mental illness, or even pass away, making all good reasons why a grandparent would want to take on the role of legal caregiver of their grandchildren.