IL custody lawyerChild custody proceedings can be stressful for any child and any family. Even children with no disabilities frequently struggle with the changes that accompany family law cases. If your child has special needs, this is likely to be very important in your case. In Illinois, all child custody issues from parenting time to allocating the responsibility to provide health insurance for the child are decided based on the child’s best interests. If you are getting divorced, issues other than child custody might be affected by your child’s needs and each parent’s ongoing efforts toward meeting them. It is important to make sure your Naperville, IL, child custody lawyer understands your child’s particular needs so they can help you work towards a final result that reflects your unique circumstances

Common Divorce and Child Custody Issues When the Parties Have a Disabled Child

Allocating parenting time and parental responsibilities can be a bit more involved when the parties are trying to separate from one another while still ensuring their child is well cared for and getting the healthcare they need. Some common issues that affect these parents include: