Wheaton divorce lawyerNo two people are the same. We are all raised differently, come from different backgrounds, and have unique personalities. Similarly, no two marriages are the same. And that is why there is no one way to end a marriage that works for everyone. Some people find that they cannot communicate productively with their spouse and will need others to help them reach an agreement. Some people split with their spouse on good terms and can avoid fighting things out in court to reach a settlement. If you are considering divorce and are not sure which path is best for you, a DuPage County, IL, divorce attorney can explain your options and help you figure out how you want to move forward.

How Does Mediation Work?

In most cases, divorce mediation is a fairly straightforward process. The mediator is an unbiased outsider whose primary goal is to help both people leave feeling satisfied with the settlement. As such, both spouses generally think that they were given equal opportunities to voice their opinions and advocate for their interests. The spouses sit in separate rooms, and the mediator moves back and forth between both, asking questions, relaying answers, hearing each person’s concerns and considerations, and suggesting what they believe both spouses would consider reasonable compromises until a settlement is formulated. Just like in all other types of divorce, a settlement reached in mediation needs to include agreements about all the aspects of divorce, including: