DuPage County family lawyerHaving a stranger present when spending time with your children can feel awful. They are only there to watch everything you do together with your child and can create a feeling of dread that will have you second-guessing everything you do in their presence. You may even wonder what you did to deserve this treatment. Securing a good lawyer can help you fight for a better outcome on visitation rights if you feel the court order does not reflect the reality of your parent-child relationship.

Why Are Supervised Visitations Implemented?

When a parenting plan for visitation rights cannot be agreed upon, or a judge finds one parent to be a danger to their child either physically, emotionally, or mentally, it is within a court’s right to order supervised parenting time. An opposing parent can argue to the court that they do not feel normal parenting time should be given to the other parent based on that parent’s past with violence, drugs, or other harmful issues. A judge will consider everything, including evidence of the claims, before delivering a final judgment. It is also possible to receive temporary parenting time before a final decision is made. Regardless of the reason for your supervised visitations, it is important to understand what you can expect when they take place.

What Do Supervised Visitations Mean?

In supervised visitations, a third party must be present while you are spending court-ordered parenting time with your child. The third-party individual must be an adult and can be:

  • A relative
  • Family friend
  • A public or private agency-appointed professional representative
  • A court-appointed visitation supervisor
  • Spiritual leader; Clergy

The third-party individual will supervise and observe all interactions between you and your child to ensure all interactions are safe and appropriate. They must also ensure all court-ordered guidelines for parenting time are being followed.

Visitation frequency, duration, and locations are all dependent on what the judge allows. They are all subject to change as well, should the court feel it is in your child’s best interest.

How to Get Supervised Visitation Orders Removed?

The ball is in your court when it comes to getting supervised parenting time lifted. You must prove to the court that a change in circumstances has occurred since the order was issued. Making positive life changes and following all court-ordered requirements is a great way to show a change in circumstances. Make the best use of your parenting time to demonstrate further the changes the court is looking for.

You can have your attorney file a petition to modify your custody and visitation order so that you can begin receiving regularly scheduled parenting time. The other parent can still object, requiring a hearing where you and your attorney can present evidence of the change in circumstances. The evidence must convince a judge that you deserve regularly scheduled parenting time.

Contact a DuPage County, IL Family Law Attorney

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