If you suffered harm in an Illinois accident caused by negligence, taking key steps early can significantly strengthen your case. An Illinois lawyer has strategies to build a solid case, establishing liability and maximizing recoverable damages.

Securing Vital Evidence of Fault Quickly

Acting rapidly to gather tangible proof of fault lays a strong foundation right away. Police reports contain officers’ initial liability assessments based on road evidence, eyewitness accounts, and party statements. However, police conclusions should not be solely relied upon. Attorneys will interview any witnesses while events are fresh, securing official recorded statements of what they saw, which often impact fault findings.

Reviewing available videos like traffic cameras, nearby security recordings, vehicle dash cams, or bystander cell phone footage can provide definitive visual evidence of fault. Investigators may be retained to comprehensively photograph accident scene evidence like skid marks before it disappears. Preservation letters advise owners of property or vehicles involved to maintain physical evidence in case litigation occurs. Thoroughly documenting the scene makes it difficult for defendants to deny liability later.