A shocking event has took place on September 29,2023.Officials have reported that three individuals were discovered lifeless after being found in an unconscious state at the Edgewater neighborhood’s Judge Fisher Apartments a known senior housing located at 5821 North Broadway at about 6:30 a.m., officials said.

The Chicago fire department said, the incident was reported as Hazardous material incident. Upon reaching the place of event and examining, neither hazardous materials nor fires were reported.

The 3 individuals were identified by the Cook County Medical Examiner as Linday Daly, aged 70, David L. Edwards, aged 53, and Royce Daugherty, aged 38.
According to the police, David Edwards, aged 53, was pronounced dead at the scene. Two women, identified as Linda Daly, aged 70, and Royce Daugherty, aged 38, were initially transported to Weiss Hospital in critical condition but unfortunately succumbed to their injuries later on.

It is still not stated how the individuals died or if they had any relation with each other.

Known for its tranquility and safety, Edgewater’s incident has left the residents in shock. The presence of numerous police cars and the unfolding tragedy was an unprecedented and unfamiliar sight for many residents, including Roberta Nunziato, who has resided in the building for over five years. She further stated that she knew the 70 year old victim,Linday Daly.

To derive any conclusions, Area three detectives are looking for supporting evidences.

The Legal Aspect

With the unfolding of such a terrifying event, questions arise on the safety and security of other residents.

The Role of Phillips Law Office

Phillips Law Offices plays a vital role in addressing situations like the ones witnessed at Judge Fisher Apartments. We specialize in cases involving neglect and abuse within nursing homes, recognizing the significant impact such incidents can have on families and the community. Our core belief is that every senior should be afforded a secure and nurturing living environment. When even the slightest hint of negligence or mistreatment emerges, it becomes imperative to seek justice.
Although the exact circumstances surrounding the deaths are still subject to investigation, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential legal ramifications. If this tragedy stems from neglect or abuse, those responsible must be held accountable.

The Assistance we offer

At Phillips Law Offices, our experienced team is committed to ensuring justice prevails. We provide the following services:

Thorough Investigations

We conduct comprehensive inquiries into the incident, collaborating with experts to ascertain the presence of neglect or abuse.

Legal Counsel

Our attorneys will guide you through the legal procedures, ensuring you fully understand your rights and available options.

Compassionate Support

We acknowledge the emotional toll such events can exact. Our team not only offers legal assistance but also extends emotional support during these challenging times.

Final words

If you or a loved one resides in a senior living facility and you have concerns about their safety and well-being, please do not hesitate to contact Phillips Law Offices. We are here to assist, advocate, and ensure that our seniors enjoy the dignified and caring treatment they deserve.

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