Naperville, IL alimony lawyerOne common cause of stress and tension that can continue even after a divorce is finalized is spousal support (previously known as alimony). In many marriages, the earning power between spouses is uneven and results in a lopsided financial arrangement that can hurt a lower-earning spouse after divorce. This is especially true if one spouse gave up career ambitions to care for a couple’s young children.

Nevertheless, it is common for the paying spouse to disagree with the necessity or fairness of spousal support and to not make these payments. If this sounds familiar, you do not have to solve this problem on your own. Consult with an experienced spousal support attorney who can help you with the enforcement process and ensure you receive the money you are entitled to under the law.

Why Is My Spouse Not Making Spousal Support Payments?

People sometimes come on hard times and fall behind in making spousal support payments for many reasons. If your ex typically makes spousal support payments on time and has only recently fallen into arrears, you may want to consider reaching out to them directly and asking for an explanation. You may be able to work something out between the two of you, although it is wise to get such an agreement in writing.

However, other times people stop making payments because they feel the support order is unfair. Whatever the reason, you are owed the money ordered by the court and you can take steps to bring your ex into compliance.

How Do Courts Enforce Spousal Support in Illinois?

If your ex-spouse is not complying with the spousal support agreement outlined in your divorce decree, you can file a motion in court. The court system can take many steps to try to bring your ex into compliance with the original divorce decree. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Wage garnishment

  • Suspension of professional licenses

  • Tax return interception

  • Fines

  • Being held in contempt of court

  • Jail time

Contact a Dupage County Family Law Attorney

Dealing with an ex-spouse refusing to pay spousal support can affect your finances and livelihood. You can get the help you need by consulting a Naperville, IL family law attorney. At [[title]], we have a team of experienced legal professionals who can help you ensure that your ex-spouse remains compliant and continues their spousal support payments. Call us at [[phone]] for a free consultation.

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