Untitled---2023-09-11T095842.161.jpgThe arrival of a newborn brings immense happiness and optimism. It is difficult to fathom that one of the primary reasons for sickness and mortality in newborns is their initial struggle to breathe upon entering the world. This health issue arises when the baby’s first stool, known as meconium, enters the amniotic fluid during labor and delivery. Regrettably, meconium aspiration birth injuries affect about five to ten percent of all births. You need an Illinois birth injury attorney who can help you and your family seek the compensation that you deserve.

How Could My Newborn Have Been Injured During Delivery?

Meconium is the initial fecal matter discharged by a newborn shortly after birth before they start feeding. Occasionally, a baby expels meconium while still in the womb. When the baby inhales this fluid into their lungs, it can be very difficult to breathe and lead to a condition called meconium aspiration syndrome or MAS. This meconium can obstruct the infant’s air passages due to inflammation and swelling of the baby’s lungs.

What Are Doctors and Staff Supposed to Do?

 Healthcare professionals should have the proper training to detect the presence of meconium aspiration and they should know how to react quickly. Medical professionals need to closely monitor a baby’s vital signs during labor and delivery and take appropriate steps to prevent or address any signs of fetal distress. Failing to do so could be seen as medical negligence.

Here are some clear warning signs that something is wrong with a newborn and that it could be related to MAS:

  • Green or dark streaks in the amniotic fluid or lungs

  • Slow heart rate

  • Meconium stains on the vocal cords

  • Abnormal breathing heard through a stethoscope

  • Low oxygen and acidity in the blood

If MAS is not recognized and treated promptly, it can cause significant and long-lasting damage to a child’s health.

Who Can Be Held Accountable for My Baby’s Injuries?

If your child has experienced harm due to MAS or any other complications during pregnancy, labor, or delivery, a birth injury attorney can help you understand if you have grounds to seek legal action to obtain compensation. Medical staff should know the signs of MAS and act quickly otherwise they should be held liable for their lack of action.

Meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS) is a condition that can seriously affect a newborn’s ability to breathe and get enough oxygen. This lack of oxygen can harm the baby’s brain and lead to problems like neonatal stroke, brain damage, and conditions such as hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), and Cerebral Palsy.

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