Chicago divorce lawyerSocial media can be a great way to stay connected with friends and family, but it can also be a source of conflict during a divorce. For example, if you and your spouse are still friends on social media, you may see posts that make you feel jealous, angry, or hurt. This can make it difficult to move on from the divorce and start to heal.

For anyone concerned about how social media may affect your pending divorce, it is important to speak with an experienced divorce attorney. They can help you understand your rights and options, and they can advise you on how to use social media responsibly throughout the divorce process.

How Can Social Media Be Used Negatively?

Divorce attorneys often search social media for evidence that can be used in court. So if your spouse is posting pictures of themselves on vacation with a new partner, this could be used as evidence of asset dissipation. Or, if your spouse is posting about their new job and salary, this could be used to calculate alimony payments.

Some people use social media to harass or intimidate their ex-spouse. They may post embarrassing or hurtful things about their ex-spouse, or they may contact their ex-spouse’s friends and family. This can be very stressful and emotionally damaging.

Social media can also make problems at home even worse, especially if you and your spouse are co-parenting. Complaints lobbied back and forth between you and your spouse, airing out dirty laundry, or pulling your children into a spat online can cause potentially irreparable damage.

How to Use Social Media Responsibly During a Divorce

Think carefully about what you post on social media, especially if you are still friends with your ex-spouse. Avoid posting anything that could be used against you in court, or that could be hurtful to your ex-spouse or your children.

Be careful about who you connect with on social media, especially if you are not already friends with them. Your ex-spouse may try to connect with you through fake accounts, or they may ask their friends and family to connect with you.

It is okay to take a break from social media if needed. Once social media becomes a primary source of stress or anxiety, it may be time to walk away. You can always come back to it later when you are feeling in a better place emotionally. In general, during a divorce, it might be best to disconnect completely until the proceedings have concluded.

Contact a Chicago, IL Divorce Attorney

Do not allow social media to derail your divorce or destroy the bond you have with your children. It is important to contact a Cook County, IL divorce attorney for additional insights into how social media can affect the outcome of divorce. The [[title]] can provide a free consultation to discuss your options and create a plan to navigate this hectic and emotional time. Call the office at [[phone]] to speak with one of our experienced and empathic attorneys.

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