DuPage County, IL order of protection lawyerWhen safety concerns arise, individuals in Illinois have the legal right to seek protection orders. A protection order is a legal document that can help protect you from harassment or harm. There are four main types of protection orders in Illinois: Order of Protection, Civil No Contact Order, Stalking No Contact Order, and Firearms Restraining Order.

You need to go to court and file a petition to obtain a protection order. Understanding the correct order for your situation may require an experienced attorney, one who can help navigate the steps involved so that you can better understand the specific situations required to obtain a protection order.

Order of Protection

This type of protection order is specifically designed for cases involving domestic abuse where there is a known relationship between the victim and the abuser. It offers legal protection to those facing harassment or abuse within family, spousal, or dating relationships. To obtain an Order of Protection, individuals can seek help from domestic violence programs, involve an attorney for civil court filing, request it during divorce proceedings, initiate it within criminal prosecutions, or personally file for one through their local circuit court clerk’s office.

Civil No Contact Order

A Civil No Contact Order can protect victims and their family or household members from an abuser’s non-consensual sexual conduct against themselves or a minor under their custody. Unlike an Order of Protection, a specific relationship with the abuser is not required to obtain this order. It includes provisions such as ‘stay-away’ and ‘no-contact,’ with judges having the authority to impose additional safeguards as needed. Individuals can file for a Civil No Contact Order in the circuit court of the county where they reside, where the abuser lives, or where the incidents occurred.

Stalking No Contact Order (SNCO)

Stalking No Contact Orders (SNCO) are meant to prevent stalkers from following, threatening, communicating with, or coming near the victim, their workplace, or their property. Victims of stalking or those acting on behalf of a minor, elderly, or disabled adult can ask for this type of protection order. The filing for an SNCO can be done with the circuit clerk at the courthouse in the county of residence, the abuser’s residence, or where the stalking events took place.

Firearms Restraining Order (FRO)

Family members can request a Firearms Restraining Order (FRO) through a formal legal process. A FRO can be obtained in situations where family or household members have concerns about a person’s potential for harm to themselves or others. FROs act as a preventive measure against potential gun violence by temporarily restricting an individual’s access to firearms, ammunition, and firearm parts.

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Victims of domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, and harassment have legal options to fight back and prevent future incidents. You must understand that you are never alone. For help regarding the filing of a protection order or the need to defend yourself against false accusations, hire a Naperville, IL order of protection attorney like Michael Calabrese. Give yourself peace of mind and schedule an appointment with [[title]] by calling [[phone]] right away.

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