Untitled-86.jpgMinor car accidents happen all the time. In most cases, there is little damage to the cars and no serious bodily harm. Serious car accidents are slightly more unusual. Serious car accidents occur when someone has suffered a grave or catastrophic injury. In these cases, it is highly likely that the driver who caused the accident was doing something quite careless, if not reckless or illegal. When you have been involved in a serious car accident, you likely have a lot of expenses to worry about. You may be missing work while medical bills pile up. The medical bills involved in these major accidents can be very high because you are likely to need intensive medical interventions. Many who have suffered a catastrophic injury will continue to need medical care for the rest of their lives. If you were seriously injured in a car accident, it is important to speak to an attorney as soon as you are able to. You may be able to recover most or all of your expenses related to the accident. 


Common Causes of Severe Motor Vehicle Accidents 

While simple mistakes can lead to major car accidents, there are a few very common causes of the most severe crashes. They include: 

  • Drunk driving – Drunk drivers are known for causing very serious accidents. This is partially because intoxicated drivers are often unable to react in time to take any action to mitigate the severity of the crash. They are likely to hit other vehicles at full driving speed instead of breaking or swerving. 

  • Extreme speeds – While many drivers, especially on the highway, tend to travel a little bit above the speed limit, drivers who far exceed the posted speed limits are likely to cause severe accidents. When a driver is traveling at an extreme rate of speed or is racing another driver, they can easily fail to spot or react to a hazard ahead.

  • Disregarding weather conditions – Every driver should take extra precautions when the weather conditions are making the roads more difficult to drive on. When drivers insist on traveling at their usual rate of speed and taking turns like they normally would during heavy rains or winds, they can lose control of their vehicle fairly easily. 

Each of these negligent driving behaviors can contribute to severe accidents. When a very serious accident has occurred, it is likely that one of these causes was involved. 


Contact an Orland Park Attorney for Serious Car Accidents

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