Chicago, IL privacy and technology lawyerDealing with a data breach can be a nightmare for a small business. Not only are data breaches expensive and time-consuming, but they understandably make customers nervous and sometimes drive them away. 

Fortunately, there are things small businesses can do to quickly respond to a data breach. Businesses should quickly identify the source and extent of the breach, get an IT task force together, and inform customers and the authorities as soon as possible. More importantly, businesses can protect themselves before a breach ever happens by working with a skilled Illinois data security lawyer to create custom security solutions.

What Are the First Steps to Take After a Data Breach? 

The first thing a business needs to do after a data breach is determine how the breach happened and how serious the data theft is. Intrusion detection and prevention systems are the best way to keep track of data breaches, including what information has been compromised and which actions were taken by the intruding party.