Untitled---2023-08-18T122243.373.jpgWhen an employee is injured on the job, they may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits are typically available in any situation where an employee suffers a work-related injury, regardless of who was at fault. Workers’ comp may address injuries in workplace accidents, occupational diseases, and injuries that arose out of the work a person performed, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive stress injuries. 

In addition to covering the costs of medical treatment for a work injury, workers’ compensation provides disability benefits. These benefits are designed to provide financial assistance to individuals who are unable to work due to a work-related injury. By understanding when temporary disability benefits are available and how long they will last, injured workers can ensure that they will have the means to support themselves as they recover from their injuries.

Understanding Temporary Workers’ Compensation Disability Benefits

Temporary disability benefits typically provide a percentage of the injured worker’s average weekly wage. In Illinois, temporary total disability benefits are paid at a rate of two-thirds of the worker’s average weekly wage, subject to certain maximum and minimum limits. If a person is completely unable to work while they are recovering, they will receive two-thirds of their average weekly wage until they are able to return to work. If a person can work on a limited basis while recovering, they will be able to receive sixty percent of the difference between their average weekly wage and the amount they are currently receiving.

The duration of temporary disability benefits will also depend on the specific circumstances of the case. In general, these benefits will continue until the injured worker reaches maximum medical improvement (MMI) or is able to return to work. MMI is the point at which the injured worker’s condition has stabilized, and further medical treatment is unlikely to result in significant improvement.

After an employee reaches maximum medical improvement, they may be able to return to work in their previous position. However, if their injuries prevent them from doing so, they may be able to receive permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits. These benefits will compensate a person for the loss or loss of use of a part of their body or for the percentage they have lost the use of their body as a whole. Depending on the part(s) of the body that have been affected and the percentage of loss of use of those body parts, a person will usually receive a certain number of weeks of pay. They will be paid two-thirds of their average weekly wage for that number of weeks.

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