Wheaton, IL contested divorce lawyerDivorce can take a toll on someone’s emotions as well as their bank account. A contested divorce, in which the spouses cannot agree on the divorce terms, tends to be more grueling and time-consuming, raising concerns about increased costs. Today, we will explore whether a contested divorce truly leads to a more expensive outcome and the factors that influence the overall expenses in such cases. 

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What Does it Mean for a Divorce to be Contested?

When spouses cannot reach a consensus on crucial issues related to a divorce, such as child custody, litigation may be necessary. Litigation in a divorce involves taking your case to court to help make decisions on these important matters. Compared to an uncontested divorce, where spouses agree on all terms, contested divorce tends to be more costly to account for courtroom appearances, intensified negotiations, and more.

Additional Factors Influencing the Cost

Multiple factors contribute to the increased expenses in contested divorces. Of course, your first expense will be related to your divorce attorney. While a divorce attorney is recommended for a divorce regardless of whether it is contested or uncontested, the attorney fees for a contested divorce will be more than an uncontested divorce, as hours of negotiation, court hearings, and paperwork will be necessary to complete, all of which are billable. The level of conflict between the parties, the complexity of the couple’s assets, any need for professional witness testimony, and more will all contribute to increased divorce costs.

Court Proceedings and Legal Maneuvering 

Contested divorces typically require several court appearances, mediations, or settlement meetings to resolve disputes and arrive at an agreement. The more complex and contentious the issues, the longer the litigation tends to be, thereby increasing the overall costs. Additionally, legal maneuvering strategies used by each party can further escalate expenses, as this may involve additional pleadings, motions, and hearings, all requiring legal representation and incurring more fees.

Contact a Wheaton Divorce Lawyer

Ultimately, contested divorces indeed have the potential to be more expensive compared to uncontested divorces. The combination of legal representation costs, prolonged court proceedings, and heightened conflict can quickly add up expenses. Contact the DuPage County divorce attorney with [[title]] for legal assistance through your contested divorce. Call [[phone]] for a private consultation. 

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