Illinois has been attracting people for its liberal medical rules and affordable cosmetic surgery options and is one of the top locations for cosmetic surgery. Illinois is home to a large number of talented cosmetic surgeons as well as numerous inexperienced and unlicensed surgeons who offer treatment to unwary consumers. These patients may be seduced by offering a discounted Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck, or other procedures. The surgeons proposing these low charges may then minimize the hazards of the desired surgery and fail to mention what might occur in the event of misconduct. Every year, cosmetic surgery malpractice cases and victim claims keep increasing.

You feel betrayed and enraged when you put your appearance in the hands of a cosmetic surgeon, and that confidence is betrayed. Medical malpractice involving cosmetic surgery can cause emotional stress that might make you embarrassed to ask for help or compensation and frightened to look for answers to your condition. Although there is some risk involved in every surgical procedure, this does not absolve medical professionals of their duty to ensure your safety.

You may be eligible for compensation under the medical malpractice claim if you or a loved one has been the victim of cosmetic surgery negligence in Illinois. Set up a free appointment with the cosmetic malpractice lawyer at Phillips Law Office to discover more about your legal options if cosmetic surgery goes wrong.

You may cooperate with our team to hold careless surgical centres and the healthcare professionals there accountable.

Risks Involved in Common Cosmetic Surgery

As mentioned above, cosmetic surgery is the most common procedure conducted in Illinois and other states of the US. Many believe that the more frequent a procedure, the lower its danger. The sad fact is that reality does not match this perception. People who sought out routine procedures like Brazilian butt lifts or tummy tucks in Miami and other parts of South Florida have passed away due to medical mistakes or the use of dangerous chemicals. Most of these terrible events were caused by careless operations carried out at unregistered surgical facilities that shouldn’t have even been operating in the first place.

Sadly, those fatalities and severe injuries still happen today. Patients suffer injuries because of cosmetic surgery every year. Cosmetic surgeons are highly qualified medical specialists who can recognize and prevent potential issues during surgery. They must also adhere to all safety precautions that any other sort of medical surgeon must take. When working with a cosmetic surgeon, you are putting your safety into the hands of experts. However, there are chances of getting negative reactions that can damage your look. Under these circumstances, hiring a cosmetic surgery malpractice attorney from Phillips Law Office, Illinois, is best.

Cosmetic Malpractice
Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice

Types of Cosmetic Surgery Injury you may face-

There are different types of cosmetic surgery injuries you may face are-


Blood is gathered in hematomas under the skin. Hematomas resemble painful, sizable bruises. They happen in about 1% of breast augmentation procedures. Hematomas are also the most typical post-facelift complication, affecting about 1% of patients. Additional surgery may be needed for the treatment.

Blood Loss

There is a high chance of blood loss during cosmetic surgery. Uncontrolled blood loss, however, can be fatal. Your blood pressure may plummet, which might be fatal. Internal bleeding can become excessive both during and after surgery.

Nerve Injury

Surgery-related numbness and tingling are common side effects but can also indicate nerve injury. Sometimes it’s irreversible. Women who have had breast augmentation surgery could have sensitivity changes.

Organ Injury

Although liposuction might seem minimally invasive, it can stress your internal organs. There are many cases of organ injuries during the cosmetic surgery option. Using tools known as surgical probes, surgeons can pierce or puncture your organs. Because perforations might cause death, this damage needs to be fixed.


Seromas develop when sterile bodily fluid (serum) accumulates below the surface of your skin. You can feel pain and edoema. Most individuals who get a tummy tuck experience seroma, which impacts 15% to 30% of people. Seromas may get an infection. A needle may drain the fluid as part of the treatment. Seromas, however, might come back.

Determining if the Cosmetic Malpractice Occurred-

No matter how skilled the surgeon is, there is a high chance of facing errors during the surgery. There are different ways in which cosmetic malpractice errors can be determined. Some of these are-

  • Improper use of medical equipment
  • Performing surgery without consent
  • Performing the wrong surgery
  • Practising without a license
  • Unaddressed anaesthesia complications
  • Use of faulty equipment

Complications Caused by Negligence During Cosmetic Malpractice

If a doctor poses as a plastic surgeon with no training in the field, they are committing medical malpractice. For instance, doctors are not necessarily equipped to do breast augmentation because they are skilled at triple-bypass heart surgery. Alternatively, just because a doctor is a skilled OB/GYN does not automatically qualify them for a stomach tuck.

If an unqualified person administers your anaesthesia, that is also neglect. Your anaesthesia should not be administered by someone who is not an anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologists can also be negligent if they deliver anaesthesia wrongly or carelessly.

How can Phillips Law Office help in Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice Lawyer?

Have you recently undergone a cosmetic operation that created a negative reaction in your body? Do you know anyone who has undergone surgery at an unapproved facility or under the care of an unlicensed professional? The cosmetic surgery malpractice attorneys at Phillips Law Office could assist you in seeking compensation if any of the cosmetic procedures kike Brazilian butt lift, liposuction, or others, cause significant harm.

Our lawyers will represent you in all court sessions while considering your situation. To have a successful overall conclusion, you must employ someone you can trust and believe will take all necessary legal action. Phillips Law Office has been taking up legal claim cases for cosmetic surgery malpractice. Do call us for free consultation at (312) 598-0917.

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