One of the most terrifying medical problems a person can experience is cancer. But as medical science has advanced over time, so too have the chances of beating cancer. Every year, there are new cases of cancer and its misdiagnosis. As per the stats by Cancer Statistics Center, the estimated death rate in Illinois for 2023 is around 23,000. Early detection is important in fighting cancer, so every type of cancer treatment requires accurate screening, testing, and diagnosis. The results can be disastrous when a medical practitioner doesn’t make the diagnosis that he should have.

Unfortunately, any incorrect cancer diagnosis can deprive patients of the chance to receive crucial care and reduce their chances of recovery or survival. Cancer grows slowly, and there are cases where patients know about the disease at the last stage. Misdiagnosis is the major reason why people lose their lives due to cancer. If you or any of your loved ones are misdiagnosed with cancer, resulting in losing their life, you are entitled to claim compensation from the doctor covering all medical expenses.

However, not all diagnostic mistakes result from medical malpractice, so it’s crucial to have a skilled medical malpractice attorney review your case. We at Phillips Law Office have a lot of expertise addressing medical malpractice lawsuits, including cancer misdiagnosis. You can discuss the claim and other processes with the leading cancer misdiagnosis lawyer in Illinois, Phillips Law Office.

How is Cancer Misdiagnosed?

During the cancer diagnosis, doctors make mistakes that can lead to further issues. This indicates that the doctor determines the inaccurate diagnosis despite testing and identifying an issue. For instance, a doctor may see something on an X-ray yet determine it is not cancer. Such a mistaken diagnosis delays urgent medical care and may lead to unneeded operations, such as surgery.

Another reason for misdiagnosis is when a physician neglects to request the tests required to detect cancer at an early stage, even though they ought to have been done. Failure to diagnose is when a clinician entirely overlooks that anything is wrong. Some of the careless actions taken by the doctor during the diagnosis of cancer are-

  • Refusing to check moles, bumps or lumps during the diagnosis process.
  • Ignoring symptom reports from patients
  • Refusing to order the necessary testing, such as MRIs, CT scans, and biopsies.
  • Improper exam selections
  • Failing to conduct tests appropriately.
  • Mixing up test results or patient records

Anyone can diagnose, from physicians to radiologists, interns, medical technicians, or even an administrator. However, there is no justification for these actions, given that a patient’s treatment strategy may be significantly altered if cancer is not correctly diagnosed or detected promptly.

Importance of Early Cancer Detection

When it comes to cancer diagnosis, early detection is important. Screening is one method of finding malignancies before a patient exhibits symptoms. For instance, a patient might not have a family history of cancer but might have been exposed to asbestos or another recognized carcinogen. To determine whether cancer might be a problem, a doctor can thoroughly interrogate people and examine medical records.

A clinician should consider diagnostic procedures like blood tests or biopsies when a patient manifests probable cancer signs. Blood and urine tests can help determine whether more tests, treatments, or follow-up visits with a specialist are necessary, even though they may not be sufficient to reach a final diagnosis. Furthermore, understanding how to read and interpret test results properly is just as crucial as knowing which diagnostic tests to order first.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer
Cancer Misdiagnosis

How can Cancer Misdiagnosis Cause Injuries?

It can be extremely harmful when a patient receives an incorrect cancer diagnosis and therapy. For instance, a patient with non-invasive ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) in the breast might need surgery to remove a lump. If the patient has invasive breast cancer and this is a false positive, cancer may progress untreated and become deadly before doctors realize their error.

Similarly, someone who has aggressive cancer may need to undergo a lot of radiation and chemotherapy. There is a high possibility of lifelong adverse effects with these strong treatments. These damaging therapies might not have been necessary if cancer had been appropriately identified as non-invasive in the initial stage.

Types of Cancer Misdiagnosis

One may face different types of cancer misdiagnosis, including-

  • Delayed Diagnosis– Delayed diagnosis is when your doctor or other healthcare provider misses cancer when the symptoms or the lab and imaging data are available. If the diagnosis is delayed, the treatment may also be postponed, which could allow the cancer to worsen. This may result in the patient experiencing needless pain and suffering, needing costly and intrusive therapies, or passing away too soon.
  • Failure to Diagnose – When a clinician completely fails to recognize cancer in a patient, this is known as a failure to diagnose cancer. Frequently, the cancer is not identified until the patient sees a different physician or specialist or until the patient has passed away.
  • False Diagnosis – False diagnosis is when a patient is diagnosed with cancer when none is present. It can result in the patient receiving risky or unpleasant cancer treatments or operations and preventing the underlying ailment from being addressed.

Proving Cancer Misdiagnosis for Claim

An extensive medical review is a crucial component of any malpractice lawsuit claim, especially in cancer misdiagnosis. It entails discussing your cancer diagnosis and, if applicable, the tests your initial oncologist ordered. We at Phillips Law Office have dealt with several physicians regarding incorrect diagnoses and can put you in touch with a qualified oncologist to check your medical records. You might be qualified to claim if your new physician finds evidence of malpractice from your initial physician or hospital about the incorrect cancer diagnosis.

Our cancer misdiagnosis attorneys started looking through the hospital’s records to identify who is responsible for your cancer misdiagnosis injuries. While you might assume that your doctor was to blame, it might have been the fault of a technician, nurse, intern, or administrator who mixed up your files, scheduled the incorrect tests, or made another dangerous error. You should receive just compensation for your injuries, and anyone responsible for your misdiagnosis should be held accountable for their actions.

The Timeline to Register the Claim for Cancer Misdiagnosis

A statute of limitations, or time limit, governs how long a victim must claim for an injury. If you miss this date, there is a high chance of getting the claim for the injury. Illinois cancer patients have a certain date of misdiagnosis to file a medical malpractice claim. Although you may think you have time, it might not be until months or even years into your treatment that your cancer is misdiagnosed. You must also factor in time for evaluating your medical records, negotiations with the at-fault party’s insurance provider, and trial preparation.

Contacting Phillips Law Office for Cancer Misdiagnosis in Illinois

It might be challenging to prove that a doctor’s negligence significantly affected the patient’s quality of life or ability to receive treatment in situations of cancer misdiagnosis. Our cancer misdiagnosis attorneys have the legal expertise to handle these intricate malpractice claims, from the misdiagnosis of breast cancer to the misdiagnosis of brain tumours.

It may be necessary to conduct significant research and have a solid grasp of medical practices to determine how your cancer was missed. On the other hand, if you deal with a cancer misdiagnosis attorney at Phillips Law Office, Illinois, we can tenaciously fight for fair compensation for your misdiagnosis.

We at Phillips Law Office are aware of the suffering you and your family are facing due to the misdiagnosis of cancer. We are prepared to assist. We work hard until we secure a settlement or favourable result for you in any of the cases we take on a contingency basis. Do contact us for assistance.

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