Hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer today will help you with all the complexities that come with a trucking accident.

Unlike the regular vehicle accidents that involve a few persons, truck accidents involve other vehicles, more lives, and more complicated lawsuits.

In states like Illinois, where there are huge quantities of cargo moving in and out, it’s no surprise why many trucks ply the road.

These trucks distribute various goods within the state, increasing the rate of commercial truck accidents.

So, if you happen to be a trucking accident victim, this article is for you.

Here, we’ll discuss the various reasons you need a truck accident attorney and not just a regular attorney, as well as other salient points you must note in order to successfully get compensation or relieve yourself of any liabilities.

Now let’s begin.

What Do Truck Accident Lawyers Do?

A good truck accident lawyer would first inform you of the relevant laws applicable in your state and guide you on what to do and what not to do.

After the truck accident, your first action should be to contact a truck accident lawyer or a truck accident law firm before saying or doing anything.

Truck accidents are usually fatal as they leave smaller vehicles damaged, property damaged, numerous persons killed, and extreme injuries that may lead to permanent disabilities, etc.

Your truck accident lawyer will do the following:

  • Take note of the value of any damage suffered, including future medical expenses.
  • Take the details of all the liable parties involved in the accident.
  • Identify any eyewitnesses at the accident scene and interview them for any relevant information.
  • Obtain witness statements.
  • Contact the insurance agency and begin the necessary negotiations.
  • Check the possibilities of a truck accident settlement or go ahead and prepare for trial.

Some other responsibilities of truck accident lawyers are;

#1. Establishing who is liable in the truck accident case

When a truck accident happens, people assume that the truck driver caused the accident through negligence. However, that is not always the case; that is where the truck accident attorney comes in.

The attorney may examine the case and discover that there are other liable parties, some of whom are listed below:

  • The government
  • The truck manufacturer
  • The truck insurance company
  • The cargo company that stacked the truck with goods.
  • The trucking companies that own the trucks.

The truck accident attorney can in line with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA (a body that governs the activities of commercial trucks in the U.S.) regulations, determine who is liable.

#2. Prepare a strong case

The truck accident attorney can prepare a strong case by collecting necessary evidence, including pictures and videos from the scene of the accident, police reports, and eyewitness statements.

They can also collate all the accident injuries and medical bills, discuss them with the insurance company, and come to a common ground. All these summed up will create a compelling case that would stand a good chance in court.

#3. Prove liability

The truck accident attorney, while successfully instituting a truck accident claim, must prove the following;

  • That the truck driver is liable because he owed a duty of care.
  • That he breached the duty of care by an act of negligence.
  • That the breach resulted in severe wounds and losses.
  • That you or your family member suffered as a result of the breach.

As we mentioned earlier, it is up to your attorney to brief you on relevant laws and act accordingly. Illinois laws usually ensure that you remain at the scene of the accident and help other victims.

Your attorney will list these and other provisions to you to avoid more issues. First, let’s look at the causes of trucking accidents.

What are the causes of Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents are caused by the following;

#1. Extreme fatigue

Most truck drivers work during the day and at night to meet their responsibilities and targets. But unfortunately, their bodies fail them, and they end up sleeping behind the wheel.

Sleeping off as they drive makes them lose control, and it is too late by the time they wake up.

#2. Drunkenness

Some truck drivers consume a lot of alcohol before convergence and lose their senses behind the wheel. As a result, some either sleep off their problems or get high.

Some embark on their movements in a drunken state, and because they don’t see clearly, they may collide with a smaller vehicle or fall asleep.

#3. Distractions

Distractions come in various forms. From playing loud music to taking calls while driving to constantly looking away to see something or try to get someone’s attention.

A truck driver’s gaze should be fixed on the road, especially when he knows the height of damage that would occur if anything went wrong.

#4. Poor maintenance by the truck driver

Sometimes, the truck driver is neither drunk nor distracted and yet experiences an accident. For example, a failed brake or dim headlights usually cause truck crashes.

It is also the responsibility of the truck driver to check that his truck is in perfect condition before embarking on a movement.

He could also check for gas leakages or equipment failure to avoid explosions, casualties, and serious injuries.

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