Wheaton Domestic Violence LawyerDivorcing your abusive spouse is likely the best thing you can do for yourself and your child. People who will abuse their spouse are likely to also abuse their children one day if they have not already begun. Violence in the home can have a major impact on a child’s mental health. Even if you have largely kept the abuse hidden from your child’s view, children are remarkably perceptive and may be aware of what is happening anyway. Children who have seen a parent being abused by their spouse may be traumatized by the experience. However, domestic violence does not need to define their childhood or the rest of their life – or yours. There are steps you can take to help your children recover from what has happened during your abusive marriage. An attorney should be the one handling the legal issues in your divorce so that you have the time you need to focus on your family. 

Tips for Protecting Your Child’s Mental Health as You Leave an Abuser

The first step is usually removing the abuser from the home, which can generally be accomplished through a protection order. Some tips for helping your child recover after witnessing domestic violence include: 

  • Talk about it – Some parents feel that by not talking about what happened, it is easier for children to forget and move on. However, it is better to address the situation head-on. Let your child express their feelings and fears to you. Impress on them that violence is not normal, healthy, or acceptable in any relationship. 

  • Get them counseling – Your child may greatly benefit from receiving counseling from a licensed mental health professional. Having this additional support can help your child learn to work through their emotions in a healthy way. 

  • Help them with boundaries – In an abusive marriage, a lot of boundaries are crossed. It is important to help your children understand that no one has the right to touch anyone else without their permission. 

  • Care for yourself – It is important for you to be the strongest and most emotionally healthy person you can be so that you can offer support to your children. A big part of caring for them is caring for yourself. 

Leaving an abusive marriage with children can be hard. An attorney can help you assert any rights you may have regarding child support and alimony in addition to helping you seek a protection order. 

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